Heartache Is A Four Letter Word

by Aquariums

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This EP, the third studio offering from Nashville songwriter Martin Schneider, consists of his most thoughtful creations to date. At 5 songs in length, Heartache, celebrates the solo performer. To preserve the emotion and intensity of a live performance all of these tracks were left unedited as complete performances with only minimal overdubs. Another notable part of this project was that it was recorded and mixed as a mono EP. The reason for this was as Schneider puts it is: "In a day of modern recording practices I wanted to create an album of songs that harkened back to an older time. To create something real, whole, and representative of what happens live on stage. I feel I have done just that."


released June 28, 2011

All music and words written by Martin Schneider

Initial tracking engineer: Jeb Morris
Mastering engineer: Marc Chevalier (Ravensound, Nashville)

Produced by Martin Schneider

Recorded in marvelous monophonic sound

© MMXI Aquariums Music

Harmony vocals on "Long Gone And Far Away" sung by Elizabeth Schneider



all rights reserved
Track Name: Heartache Is A Four Letter Word
Heartache is a four letter word
Underpinned by pangs of a once deferred
Reality where she is gone for good
Too late to work it out even if we could

Left bereft and all alone
Onliness is loneliness I know
Stripped bare and left for dead
Tracing back the tracks of tears I shed

Heartache is a four letter word
All the best of me left with her
Taste the bitter taste the sweet
Eat and drink and merry be

Lying on my back staring up
One last acrid sip within my cup
Verifiable and true
Everything I ever said to you

Heartache is a four letter word
Overcome solely by the first conferred
Peck on the lips from a new love
Even more beautiful than you love
Track Name: If I Asked You
Two lone bodies in the sky
The Sun is going down the moon is high
Exit day enter night
Phantoms dancing in the pale moonlight

Would you wait for me if I asked you?
Would you take from me or break your bread in two?

Stay up late and talk to me
About all the things that we once hoped to be
Childhood dreams now out of reach
Slowly fading distant memory

Would you wait for me if I asked you?
Would you take from me or break your bread in two?

Babe the dawn is coming soon
Pale light shadows a sinking moon
If I should stumble and fall for you
Please tell me darling that you'd fall too

Would you wait for me if I asked you?
Would you take from me or break your bread in two?
What would you do if you were me and I were you?
Track Name: Black & White
Knowing when to behave and to be polite
Knowing when to speak your mind and keep your mouth shut tight

Knowing when to stop and when to rewind
Knowing when enough is enough is enough is only slight

Knowing when to cut loose even if you're uptight
Knowing when to leave and when to stay overnight

Knowing when there is a bounty and when there is a blight
Knowing when there is hope even when there's no hope in sight

Nothing's solid and nothing's striped
Nothing's black and white

Knowing when you're wrong even when you're right
Knowing when to run and when to stay and fight

Knowing when to calm and when to excite
Knowing when the powder keg is about to ignite

Knowing when to chew and when to take a bite
Knowing when something's new and something is tried

Knowing when to add and when to divide
Knowing when a yes is a maybe and a no is a might

Nothing's dull and nothing's bright
Nothing's blind nothing has sight

Nothing upsets nothing delights
There's nothing to love nothing to spite

When nothing's black and white
Track Name: Long Gone And Far Away
The river's about to break it's banks, and flood the plains. If the good Lord's willing, it won't reach our place till two weeks from today. By that time we'll be long gone and far away.

Oh Lord I swear I'm about to break into a thousand pieces. Much more I can't take. I heard tell that there's a place down by a silver lake where money grows on trees with golden waves of grain and anything you please.

Oh let's run. Let's run away.

So let's leave it all behind without a care or a worry in our mind. We'll head North and then turn West, and find the country that suits us best. So let's grow old and frail and blind. Then one last time; leave it all behind as we run.

Run away.
Track Name: Joyous Refrain
Forever at a loss for words
My thoughts and my mind are a blur
Trying to clear my head
Wish I could remember the thing she said

As she walk out the door
Something about breathing I can't recall anymore
So I'll string each syllable along
And pray what comes out as I strum and I shout

Is a song with a joyous refrain
One to sing again and again
Where everyone knows all the words
Where all is not lost and nothings absurd

When the moon behind a cloud goes
When the sun for days never shows
When laughter is shattered by pain
Just open your mouth and pray what comes out

Is a song with a joyous refrain
One to sing again and again
To forget all the heartaches and pains
Where all is not lost and there is no end