Live Sets : The High Horse Saloon 1​.​17​.​2009

by Aquariums

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This show happened in a tiny little basement located in East Nashville. It was an intimate little room that was filled with an amazing audience, some of whom came a long way to be there. It all made for an interesting performance, and I have left it unedited aside from splitting up the tracks so you can experience it in much the same manner as the people who were there that night. It was captured live to 2-track by Judson Peterson with two Shure SM-57 microphones and a cassette tape.


released January 14, 2010

Martin J. Schneider: vocals, electric guitar,& bass
Bart Morris: lead electric guitar, banjo, vocals
Clark Simmons: acoustic drums & percussion

All words and music written by Schneider
except * written by Merle Travis
All songs © 2010 Aquariums Music
some, but not all rights reserved
unauthorized copying of this album is encouraged



all rights reserved
Track Name: Two Hundred and Seventy-Five
Goodbye palm trees, Goodbye ocean, Goodbye city; I’m now in motion. The morning air is cool. I’ll be in a pool of humidity. Close your eyes and breathe in. Once more; then begin. Two hundred and seventy-five days left counting down to your death. What are numbers? Values assigned so we can understand. Why count down? Why count up? The end will come, and then what?
Track Name: Lady In Red
It feels like a lifetime since I last saw you, since I last held you, since our lips last met. But now you've gone in search of answers, and the question my heart begs is
'Do you regret the things that you've done to get by?' You know they'll be with you for the rest of your life. If only you'd known that it'd go this far you wouldn't be scarred. Lady in red while you search for answers in the book upon the stand right next to your bed, I hope you find them in the contained within the gold-leafed finely creased pages that you've read. I'm going back to the old hotel in the city where we used to dwell. Only to find that they'd torn it down and built in its place in favor of progress a beautiful disgrace. May all your days be sunny and blue. May everyone think highly of you. May your trials be over. May your work be done. May you always be lovely in the light of the sun. Lady in red while you search for answers in the book upon the stand right next to your bed, I hope you find them in the contained within the gold-leafed, finely creased pages that you've read.
Track Name: Nineteen Ninety-One
The year nineteen ninety one; that December, your last. I never really knew who you were and I apologize for never really crying. I did not fully grasp the concept of dying, but now as I look back I understand the feelings they had. Fifteen years later I go through your drawer. There are so many things still left to explore. Locked on my wrist, is a memory of you slowly passing time.
Track Name: Far Side of the World
The setting sun will rise again
And gently kiss the mornings hand
Stay up late and drink it in
'Till our mouths are dry as cotton and our tongues feel like sand

Count the days by the cigarette's end
'Till the burning sun darkens the skin
She's alone and says I miss him
While far away he scribbles a page with his pen

Saying every day is the same I wake in my skin
Missing my lady, missing my baby again and again

For the one that the songs come easily
Life and love, don't ever mistreat it
Don't you know you'll always need her

Sometime the road will be rough
And her love Lord it won't be enough
Stand up boy shake the dirt from you cuffs

I know that you hate what you did
Well, there ain't no going back kid
Now your there alone and you sit and you say to yourself

Keep a watchful eye on my baby
Soon she'll be in my arms in the shade and
We will just lie there all day and
Piss all our worries and cares away